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Member Advice Lines

Got a question? Have answers?

by valk2002 7/19/2014
Is it OK, Normal?

by flipflop87 7/16/2014
Submisive or feminine?

by Michael0525 7/14/2014
Have you EVER?

by flipflop87 7/10/2014

by Luvcock1253 7/9/2014
Gum Job

by Luvcock1253 7/9/2014
This older thing???

by cool5050 7/8/2014
Where is MARCUS?

by brial1 7/6/2014
is there any one who will have give an older guy 60 to 80 the yime of day

by bjeff3 7/2/2014
j string and c string

by azores3333 6/29/2014
Bottom Question

by BiBuckeye1 6/25/2014
How can a man tell me simply he wants a BJ?

by KnewYearBaby4 6/12/2014

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