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Member Advice Lines

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Why is hot sperm in the ass feels so wonderful its like a drug?

by bottomedddy1 10/20/2014
Wearing diapers out of need, or for pleasure?

by Michael0525 10/19/2014
wanting large group of tops

by bisexlover73 10/18/2014
older men

by sexstraved2 10/12/2014

by bluebot_tom 10/10/2014
....... But I need help Please !

by flipflop87 10/7/2014
Your opinion please

by donaldh 10/4/2014
clip my frenulum

by sparky696969 10/2/2014

by asian4young 9/29/2014
I'm Looking for a fuck buddy, or something like that!

by Michael0525 9/27/2014
Please don't say...............

by flipflop87 9/26/2014
Clean shaven or Bushy

by sarge1369 9/19/2014

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